Neja Fadil from Hydrangea

Coffee enthusiasts love to rave about “blueberry bombs” from natural process Ethiopian coffees. But I’m hooked on an entirely different kind of fruity violence: peach fuzz.

peach fuzz

Recently I’ve had a few washed coffees from Ethiopia with delightful floral and ripe peach notes. The flavors are delicate but still very sweet. And the dry aroma is intoxicating.

This week I’ve been drinking the Neja Fadil roasted by Hydrangea. It describes the coffee as
honeysuckle, mandarin, and peach.

This is my first time ordering from Hydrangea and I’m excited to try more. I’ve heard a lot of praise for them and I love seeing the rise of smaller roasters doing really interesting work.

Also these bags are stellar.

pink coffee bags from Hydrangea

but back to the coffee

I really like this coffee; from the moment I open the bag, until I’m savoring your last sip, it’s like I’m eating a super ripe peach.

But brewing these coffees doesn’t always go…. peachy.

They’re lightly roasted, dense, with delicate flavors. I often under extract them but it’s also possible to push too hard and end up with a sweet but low clarity cup.

In my mind, the sweet spot is flavorful but clear delineation of peach.

That’s part of the reason why I’ve enjoyed using the NextLevel Pulsar to brew this coffee. Using the valve to slow the flow rate, while increasing contact time, is a good way to increase extraction. (I promise I’ll do a post on the Pulsar at some point, it’s been a great brewer.)

For me, the best cup of this coffee is much more memorable than a blueberry bomb.

Brewing coffee in the NextLevel Pulsar

brewing advice

Note: I don’t plan on giving specific recipes in these posts. Instead, I’ll provide guidance or variations in approach based on the coffee’s characteristics.

  • Rest this coffee at least three weeks
  • Start by pushing extraction then dial it back if the cup is too muddled
  • If you’re not happy with your brew, try cupping to see what the coffee could be bringing
  • And make sure you’re using softer water
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