Los Pirineos Sudan Rume from Tim Wendelboe

It’s my first time trying the Tim Wendelboe subscription; this month brought three delicious coffees to my door but there’s one I can’t stop brewing. The Los Pirineos Sudan Rume, produced by Diego Baraona in El Salvador.

Three bags of coffee from roaster Tim Wendelboe.

grape juice

Tim describes this coffee as chocolate, tangerine, and spices. In his tasting video he said, “think of a pungent tangerine”.

When I cupped it next to the Finca El Vikingo Gesha and the Ethiopian Echemo this coffee really stood out. It had a clean, fairly quick finish, with a clear grape juice taste.

When brewed, I get tons of sweetness with a pleasant, tart finish.

It’s been enjoyable both as V60 and brewed with the NextLevel Pulsar. There’s a pleasant duality or complexity between the sweetness and the bright, tart flavors.

Los Pirineos coffee bag on a table.

step outside your brew bubble

This is my first time trying Sudan Rume, I don’t know much about it but it’s always fun to be reminded how much there is that I still haven’t tried.

After years of drinking specialty coffee, it’s fun to stray from your own beaten path.

I have a freezer backlog and a few other coffees to get through, so I’ve paused my subscription; although, I’m eager to return at some point. I’ll do a post about coffee subscriptions in the future but TLDR; Tim Wendelboe is insane value. As long as you don’t mind being patient and praying to the USPS gods.

brewing advice

You can’t really go wrong with this coffee but play around with your recipe to try and increase sweetness or acidity, depending on what you want to highlight.

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