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it’s like if you melted a hi-chew

Mamuto AB coffee from George Howell

Years later, I know the flavor profile of Kenyan coffees well and continue to enjoy the sweet, fruity cups.

And boy does the taste deliver. It reminds me of green apple Hi-Chew. Depending on the brew method, I also get fermented watermelon flavor; a taste that only exists in my imagination. (It also reminds me of another coffee I recently had, the Hamasho, Ethiopia, roasted by Sey. After four weeks of resting, the peach candy flavor was super loud.)

This coffee tastes very different from the Mamuto AB but I love that it does. After many years of specialty coffee, it’s refreshing to suddenly drink a washed coffee that tastes like green apple candy. Coffee continues to surprise me and that’s why I keep going deeper down the rabbit hole.

Now I can proudly declare that I spent $42 as I offer free smells to passersby.3

brewing advice

Note: I don’t plan on giving specific recipes in these posts. Instead, I’ll provide guidance or variations in approach based on the coffees characteristics.

  • Rest this coffee for at least 3 weeks (Ilse says peak flavor at 4 to 6 weeks but I’m impatient)
  • Softer water is your friend
  • I didn’t need to push extractions to get a ton of flavor

  1. Shoutout to Black Fox Coffee on Pine Street in NYC which carried this and a wonderful variety of other coffee. ↩︎
  2. 2021 Cup of excellence winner ↩︎
  3. I had no idea the plural of passerby was “passersby”. That sounds incredibly odd in my head. ↩︎
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