Caballero Catuai from Tim Wendelboe

If you ever have the opportunity to try Tim Wendelboe do not hesitate to buy. Even if the tasting notes of the coffee do not immediately grab you attention, the flavor will not disappoint.

a coffee that tastes like coffee

The flavor notes are “Herbal, dark chocolate, and dried fruits”. When brewed on V60 I taste tons of chocolate but with a clear and present acidity that makes for a complex and enjoyable cup. The finish lingers for ages in the best way. It really is like eating high quality dark chocolate.

but am I a cool cultivar?

That of course is a silly train of thought. Every coffee has it’s place and it’s really nice to drink an approachable cup. This type of coffee is more of an everyday coffee. And it actually makes you appreciate the delicate florals or bright stone fruit that other coffees bring.

Despite it’s plain appearance on paper, the flavor complexity and clean cup made this coffee a joy to brew and drink. Tim Wendelboe once again proving that any coffee he offers will not let you down.1

brewing advice

  • This coffee still tastes great 30 days off roast
  • Drop the brew temp a few degrees
  • Reduce the number of pours or agitation if your cup is becoming muted
  • A larger and longer bloom can help bring out more acidity if your cup is leaning too chocolate

  1. Not to mention the excellent work by Marysabel Caballero Moises Herrera. Constantly producing stellar coffee. ↩︎
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